External Concrete Vibrators

First-class concrete consolidation is crucial when it comes to producing concrete surfaces. For the consolidation of precast elements, we therefore offer you a series of first-class external vibrators that you can use to create wonderfully smooth and even surfaces on walls, columns or pillars.

External vibrators, alongside internal vibrators, are the second method to consolidate concrete. External vibrators are affixed on the outside of concrete formwork, depending on the thickness of the concrete. That also presents a difference to the internal vibrators, because the internal vibrator is used directly in the concrete.

The external vibrator not only consolidates a single spot, but also the entire concrete mass. This makes it possible to consolidate inaccessible spots. The vibration is transferred to the entire concrete formwork and therefore is passed on to the freshly mixed (green) concrete.

The external vibrator beats the pneumatic vibrator by miles on construction sites. The work with external vibrators is both economically and technically a better solution. They require less maintenance, have less downtime and qualitatively provide better results. They also have a lower energy consumption as they can be immediately put into operation after being switched on and a stand-by operation is not required.

AR External Vibrators

Choosing the right external vibrator for material handling applications will ensure optimum economic and technical results. Wacker Neuson’s external vibrators are always the right choice, particularly for the use in silos or with conveyors and sifting technology.


The outstanding feature of the FUE range of frequency converters is its lightweight, compact design. Thanks to their aluminium construction they are very easy to handle. Their high-quality electronics and active cooling system ensure maximum performance even in continuous operation. The intelligent voltage and power management is particularly practical. It compensates for fluctuations of mains input voltage, wrongly dimensioned extensions or appliances with greatly varying use of power.

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