V-ROD Fiberglass Rebar | Mining

V-ROD Fiberglass Rebar from GAMKA is a great solution for many reinforced concrete purposes, especially for mining.

The global mineral exploration budgets for non-ferrous metals have been averaging over US$10 billion for the past ten years, indicating an increase in new mining projects. However, the extraction of corrosive products in these projects creates a need for a reinforcement solution for the concrete infrastructure and soil retention products.

V-ROD Fiberglass Rebar in Anchorages and Other Mining Structures

GAMKA understands the mining industry’s need for a solution to prevent the deterioration of these structures and offers a composite concrete rebar that does not corrode. We provide engineering and reengineering services for your mining project to adapt your steel requirements to our V-ROD product. In addition, we offer formwork rods, accessories, and rock bolts.

While the cost of rehabilitating and replacing corroded equipment and structures can be significant, the health and safety of workers cannot be neglected. It is a crucial element for the successful operation of a mining or exploration site. GAMKA is the perfect partner for your mining projects due to our ability to provide a safe and effective solution.

If you want to save both time and money on your mining projects, reach out to GAMKA for our V-ROD composite rebar.