V-ROD Fiberglass Rebar | Electromagnetic Use Case

While GAMKA’s V-ROD fiberglass rebar is an excellent solution for a variety of reinforced concrete applications, one unique and particularly novel use for this material is in electromagnetic projects, such as in Automated Toll Booths, Electrical Substations, and MRI Machine Equipment Rooms.

To avoid problems related to the magnetic properties of conventional steel rebars, various techniques and methods are employed, such as the use of stainless steel, grounding the rebars, and distancing them from equipment. We know that steel can interfere with the transmission of electrical signals between two elements or when the element is situated near a large energy source.

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GAMKA Composite Rebar in Electrical Substations, Automated Toll Booths, and MRI Equipment Rooms

However, with Gamka’s V-ROD product, this issue is resolved. In healthcare facilities, where magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment generates magnetic fields up to 20,000 times stronger than the earth’s magnetic field, the use of conventional reinforcing steel in concrete elements near the equipment is strictly prohibited to prevent any interference.

The presence of steel near energy sources such as inductance equipment in electrical substations or underground electrical distribution vaults results in significant energy losses, leading to overheating of the reinforcement and accelerating the corrosion process, ultimately deteriorating the concrete.

In the case of detection loops and automated toll road systems, poor grounding of the reinforcing steel can interfere with the electromagnetic link between the metal of vehicles and the detection equipment, resulting in false positives or negatives.

V-ROD composite rebars, which are electromagnetically neutral and conducive to radio frequencies and cell phone signals, provide an ideal solution for all these applications. They are a superior alternative to nonconductive stainless steel and require minimal concrete cover, eliminating the need for grounding. With composite reinforcement, all these costly measures are no longer required.

Thus, GAMKA’s V-ROD Composite Rebar saves you both time and money.

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