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Should Rename Month

By October 27, 2015July 27th, 2016Gamka Blog - Bob Hibler

Some years ago, back when I covered North America (San Juan to San Francisco and Canada to Mexico) for another company, I found myself south of the border in Mexico City. The date was November second or  Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. My host was the manager of the company branch office I was visiting and he asked if I was familiar with the occasion. By pleading ignorance (and I was), he said he would show me. We drove to the Panteón Civil de Dolores,  the largest cemetery in Mexico City. The first thing I noticed were the flower vendors, selling blooms by the armfuls to people entering the grounds. We followed and it was amazing.   Graves were covered with flowers but more than that, there were bands of musicians serenading the dead, bottles of beer, wine and booze were on headstones with glasses filled for toasting with lots of  food  for snacking. People were having a wonderful time with their departed loved ones. It was a joyous celebration and a sight to behold.
Back at home, in the same month and day, we Catholics, among some other churches, have a more somber observance to honor and pray for our dead. Each year my Knights of Columbus Council has a special All Souls Day mass where the names of our departed Brothers are read. I must say that the list continues to grow as does the length of the service!
Towards the end of the month, on the fourth Thursday, we all stop  for Thanksgiving. For some it is a time for binge eating but the name of the date is THANKSGIVING.  Most people I know do say a prayer of gratitude  for the blessings we have. We should enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things.
The eleventh month of the year should be changed from November to Remember for that is what we do.
May God continue to look after us all!


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