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Pampering Is Not About Putting On A Diaper

By Gamka Blog - Bob Hibler
Director of Marketing - Bob Hibler

Bob Hibler

Back when I was little and a lot younger, I remember how Mom would shoo me and my brothers out of the house on nice days. There was plenty of company for us, all of the mothers wanted a little peace and quiet and time to get their chores done.  We would go off to meet our friends and play. I had a tricycle (bicycles were for the big kids) and rode it everywhere. That was back in Teaneck, my home town. About 7 blocks from our house was a store called Ronald’s Furniture. They always had these great cardboard boxes which we dragged home or to the back yard of whomever we were playing with to make cabins or forts or whatever our imagination conjured up.  There were woods nearby and a bit further was the Overpeck Creek and marshes. Climbing trees, hiding and seeking, “smoking” cattails, throwing rocks at fish. It was great fun and us kids would be out all day. Sometimes we went home for lunch and sometimes we ate at our friends’ houses. Did we detail all of our plans and activities to Mom? No way, we just  went “out”. Everyone knew everyone. Read More