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Construction: Your world, my world, OUR world. Love it or leave it, it is what it is. Gamka Construction World. Gamka has been in it for over 25 years; I have been part of it for almost twice that. An old Caterpillar salesman once told me you get infected, “I got yellow paint in my veins,” he said, “and it don’t come out.”

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We are in a cyclical economy. The money in the construction pipeline keeps us going after other industries slow and shut and we start up later because the money to get going again takes awhile to flow back. Still, we go through this every 7 to 9 years. Boom, bust, boom, bust.


This bust is a big one and most of us, those of us who are still in the game, have diversified to get more of what little there is out there. Gamka has always specialized in concrete applications. Until recently. As you have noticed (we certainly did), there are not a lot of concrete slabs being poured or anything else. We became the Wacker Neuson distributor of Compact Class wheel loaders, Mini-excavators and Dumpers for most of New Jersey. Why? Different markets, different work, more opportunity. We did the same for the line of Husqvarna landscape, tree and snow removal products. Was this original? No. The survival instinct in us all took over. You, our contractor customers, have been doing the same, bidding different work, working other territories.


The economy sucks, to be blunt, but we have been here before and will be again. “All” it takes is hanging on, hanging in, tightening the belt and doing what it takes, whatever that is.


So this blog is part of diversifying. Gamka has joined the Social Media Revolution. You have too or you would not be reading this. We are in FaceBook, LinkedIn and, God help us, we Tweet. It is all part of reaching out. Now we blog.


What have you done to make it through so far? What gripes you? What works? Bitch if you want, preach to the choir or whomever, just share.


Let’s blog together!


Bob Hibler

Blogger Czar of Gamka