Rental Insurance Requirements

Our equipment rentals are handled somewhat differently than we do sales as we do not rent COD. In order to rent equipment from Gamka we need to have two documents in hand; an approved Credit Application and a Certificate of Insurance issued to Gamka.   Past experience has taught us that rental durations are not always the same as was expected at the outset: some are shorter and some are longer.  Then there is the issue of general public liability indemnification and coverage against equipment loss. Like the Boy Scouts, we have learned it is better to “Be Prepared”. Our practice is to invoice rentals to credit worthy accounts with insurance.  Our Gamka Std 2 page Credit Application and Gamka’s Equipment Rental Insurance Stipulations PDF  can be downloaded directly.  If you have any questions on the insurance or other procedures please call or contact us, WE WANT YOUR  RENTAL BUSINESS!

Loss happens… don’t let it happen to you

excavator caught in mud - rental insurance requirements

Physical Damage Waiver coverage provides a valuable shield for the equipment you rent from Gamka Sales Co., Inc.

Gamka Physical Damage Waiver Brochure

The Physical Damage Waiver pro­vides added protection against the most common issues that could oc­cur during rentals:

  • Unintentional Damage to Gamka’s Equipment
  • Theft of Gamka’s Equipment

With Physical Damage Waiver cov­erage the renter is responsible for ONLY 10% or $1,000.00 of the damage or repairs or loss of the machine at MSRP, WHICHEVER IS LESS!

Physical Damage Protection covers:

• Fire • Theft • Vandalism • Flood • Wind • Tornado • Collision • Earthquake • Hail • Lightning • Rock Ingestion • Upset or Overturn

Secondary benefits: Physical Damage Waiver coverage:

  • Is quick and easy to obtain through Gamka.   NO Forms and NO Waiting
  • Keeps the renter’s personal or business coverage free from claims
  • Eliminates potential coverage problems of securing coverage through the renter’s  own personal or business policy.
    Ask Gamka how to obtain this valuable benefit today.

What the Physical Damage Waiver does NOT cover: GAMKA will not waive a claim for loss or damage: (i) to Equipment as a result of overloading, exceeding its rated capacity or inadequate power supply; (ii) to motors, generators, drills or other electrical appliances or devices caused by portable electric power; unless the source is a generator supplied by GAMKA; (iii) to hydraulic cylinders; (iv) to tires and tubes caused by blow out, bruises, cuts, punctures or other causes inherent in the use of the Equipment; (v) resulting from a lack of, or improper lubrication or servicing of the Equipment, or damage resulting from misuse, abuse, failure to maintain cleanliness, improper fuel, hydraulic fluid, coolant or pressure levels; (vi) due to use of Equipment in violation of any terms of the Rental Contract or any illegal use. 

Contact us if you need further clarification on our rental insurance requirements or stipulations. We would love to work with you on your rental needs.