Preventive Maintenance

as it should be

More often than not, equipment doesn't get the service it needs to keep it performing properly. Gamka now offers rush service programs to keep your equipment performing like new.

Cutoff Saw Rush Preventive Maintenance

Two cycle engines are temperamental. Anyone who operates them knows this to be true. One of the biggest reasons for a cutoff saw to not function properly is a lack of preventive maintenance. Did you know that most saw manufacturers recommend the fuel filter be changed monthly?

Gamka Sales offers same day service for Husqvarna cutoff saws, that includes a new fuel filter, air filter, spark plug and a tuneup,

for only $99.00

Plate Compactor Preventive Maintenance

Plate compactors eat dust daily and are one of the least maintained pieces of equipment we see. Add the fact that they virtually shake themselves apart and you’ve got the recipe for a repair nightmare.

Gamka Sales offers same day rush maintenance for most forward plate compactors, that includes a new air filter, spark plug, tighten up all hardware and a tuneup,

for only $99.00

Power Trowel Preventive Maintenance

Power Trowels never break when they’re sitting in the equipment shed. They only go down when you need them. Why not bring in your units for preventive maintenance while you’re not using them?

Gamka offers a same day rush maintenance program for most brands of walk behind trowels. The service includes a new belt, air filter and oil change, plus we’ll  lubricate the trowel arms and throw in a new set of finish blades (extra charge for additional styles). 

36″ trowels – $129.00                 

46″ trowels – $149.00

The fine print…Prices listed are for PM service only. Additional required parts and labor will be billed separately if required.