Reinforced Poly Sheeting

Strong Man Building Products Corp., a market leader in weather and debris enclosures, introduces flame-retardant (FR) string-reinforced poly sheeting designed to protect scaffolds, personnel and equipment from inclement weather. The addition of the FR string-reinforced poly sheeting follows Strong Man’s successful launch of its non-FR string-reinforced poly in 2005, allowing construction equipment purchasing professionals to select sheeting designed specifically for the application it will enclose, thus keeping job sites safe and productive during severe weather.

Strong Man’s new FR string-reinforced poly is constructed to securely enclose scaffolds and buildings from inclement weather. It allows general contractors the use of forced-air generators within the sheeting’s confines, greatly assisting scaffold and construction personnel who, with the benefits of the sheeting, can work in an atmosphere-controlled environment. Consequently, the quality of work will not be negatively affected, and the number of days a site closes due to weather-related hazards is reduced, thus allowing projects to finish earlier than expected.

The new FR string-reinforced poly employs a combination of high tensile strength and flexibility in severe temperatures to provide a protective barrier between the equipment and personnel inside an enclosure, as well as the pedestrians and adjacent properties surrounding it. The sheeting remains intact when cut, unlike other sheeting that unravels after trimming. It is also cost effective, due to its ability to remain functionally intact, even during extreme weather.


Woven poly is made with lightweight interwoven poly strips. It is flexible, durable, reusable, and easy to handle.  Ideal for weather protection, abatement, containment, scaffold enclosures and much more.

Woven, reinforced and superior heavy-duty film resists tears in any direction.

String Reinforced Poly Sheeting is manufactured from a triple laminate of low density poly, with a special strengthening additive, and is then reinforced with cross tied polyester tire cord.

Reinforced, Flame retardant and consumer sheeting rolls are also available.


String Reinforced Polyethylene Sheeting

Our String Reinforced Poly Sheeting is used for temporary applications that require a lightweight yet highly tear resistant film. This high strength polyethylene with scrim reinforcement makes this product ideal for weather enclosures and much more. Available in both Fire Retardant and Non Fire Retardant.

FR white meets NFPA 701-Method 2

Product Features

String Reinforced Poly Sheeting

String Reinforced Poly Sheeting

  •  6 Mil Thick
  • Fire Retardant (white)
  • Non Fire Retardant (clear)
  • Durable
  • High Strength
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Easy to Install

Sizes and Availability

  • Sizes available in either FR or Non-FR.
  • Also available in 10 mil
  • 20′ x 100′ FR & NFR
  • 10′ x 100′
  • 16′ x 100′ (Non FR only)*
  • 20′ x 100′
  • 40′ x 100′


Strong Weave 77

Woven Reinforced Poly Sheeting

Strong Weave 77 is a 7×7 woven Reinforced Poly Sheeting available in either Fire Retardant or Non Fire Retardant. It is puncture and tear resistant and coated on both sides. This lightweight polyethylene material is easy to install yet durable enough for weather protection and scaffold enclosures.

7X7 Weave

Product Features

Strong Weave 77 - reinforced poly sheeting

Strong Weave 77 – reinforced poly sheeting

  • Fire Retardant (white)
  • Non Fire Retardant (clear)
  • Woven Reinforced Poly Sheeting
  • High Strength – puncture and tear resistant
  • 2 Sides Coated
  • Easy to install
  • Economical

Sizes and Availability

  • 10′ x 100′
  • 16′ x 100′
  • 20′ x 100′
  • 40′ x 100′

D12 Strong Wrap – Reinforced Poly Sheeting

When your job calls for extremely durable Fire Retardant scaffold sheeting look no further than our D12/ Strong Wrap. Our Scaffold sheeting is made with polyethylene yarns encased in low density polyethylene and is coated on both sides. The reinforced bands with pre-punched holes make this product easy to install and long lasting.

Product Features 

  • Fire retardant – white
  • Protects work areas from fine debris, dust and bad weather
  • Easily installs to any standard scaffold system
  • Reinforced bands * with pre-punched holes allows for easy attachment

* The uses of this product are not limited to the above. Local, State, or Federal authorities should be consulted concerning the proper use and installation of this product.

Size and Availability

D-12 Strong Wrap - reinforced poly sheeting

D-12 Strong Wrap – reinforced poly sheeting

  • 7’6″ x 100′ (w/ 3 bands)*
  • 8’6″ x 100′ (w/ 3 bands)*
  • 13′ x 100′ (w/ 5 bands)*
  • Use our BC-104 OR BC-111 Elastic Ties
  • FR White meets NFPA 701 – Method 2


We have a complete line of reinforced poly sheeting, tarps, winter enclosures, temporary jobsite heaters, and other winter related items. Please call us a t 732-248-1400.