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Construction Tarps on Jobsite - Super FR Tarp

Construction Tarps on Jobsite – Super FR Tarp

Strong Man Building Products Corp., a market leader in weather and debris enclosures, announces that its full line of fire retardant construction tarps can save general contractors and scaffolding companies money and time while also improving efficiency during the winter months. Constructed with high quality materials and having high tensile strength, Strong Man’s fire retardant construction tarps can save on installation costs, is less apt to tear, and can help control heating costs during the colder months, less replacement.


Econo Fire Retardant Construction TarpsEcono Fire Retardant Construction Tarp

Our Econo FR Construction Tarps offer a great low cost alternative when a Fire Retardant tarp is needed. It is made with the same Strong Man quality as our other FR Tarps but is more cost effective.  Economical with Unlimited uses!


Heavy Duty Fire Retardant Construction Tarps

Heavy Duty Fire Retardent Tarp 1010 FR Tarp

Our Heavy Duty FR Construction Tarps with reinforced hems, double stitched corner patches and reinforced rope in hem make this one of the strongest tarps you can find. You will have a hard time finding a job that the Heavy Duty FR Tarp can’t handle. Unlimited Uses!

FR white meets NFPA 701-Method 2

The fire retardant tarp is constructed with heavy-duty stitching and rust-proof grommets. Designed for vertical applications, it features a 10×10 weave of ultra-strong woven polyethylene material at 4.5 oz. per square yard and has re-enforcing in the hems. Further fortifying the tarp is rope in the hem. It is also waterproof.


Super Fire Retardant Construction Tarps

Super Fire Retardant Tarp - Ultra Strong Woven Poly Tarp

Ultra Strong Woven Poly Tarp –  Our Super FR Tarp’s 14×14 weave outlasts and outperforms the others. A combination of our 4 inch hem, super strong grommets and D-rings will allow you to secure the Super FR construction tarps wherever you need some extra strength.

FR white meets NFPA 701-Method 2

14X14 Weave

Ultra-strong Super FR Woven Poly Construction Tarps are ideal for winter construction. Fully enclosing a building or scaffold, the Super FR tarps contain the heat provided by forced air heaters. This greatly reduces heating and installation costs, while improving personnel efficiency during winter.

Perfect for cold-weather jobs requiring highly durable tarps, the fire-retardant Super FR features a 14 x 14 weave, 4″ hem, and “D-rings” with webbing. It is constructed with heavy-duty, stitched polyethylene that is less apt to tear, and rustproof grommets. All of these features contribute to its high tensile strength – critical in windy applications.

By wrapping buildings and work environments in Strong Man’s Super FR winter enclosure, a crew is shielded from snow, sleet, rain, high winds and extreme cold. This feature increases safety, productivity and cost-efficiency of a construction site by decreasing heating, installation and maintenance expenses.

The Super FR construction tarps also helps personnel work through days normally cancelled due to inclement weather and finish jobs ahead of schedule. This allows owners to open buildings earlier than expected, and to recoup revenue ahead of schedule. This is especially important in cities where apartments are pre-rented, and often leads to a construction crew being rehired for future projects.

The Super FR tarp, which meets OSHA specifications, is available in the following sizes: 15′ x 20′, 20′ x 21′, and 20′ x 30′.


Mighty FR Construction Tarps

Mighty Tarp FR - Extra Heavy Duty Tarp

The name says it all! When only the best will do!   The Mighty FR Construction Tarps can stand up to mighty winds. This 18 ounce PVC tarp is ideal for high-rise construction. Our six inch hem and two inch welded D Rings will stand up to the harshest weather conditions Mother Nature can throw at you!

FR white meets NFPA 701-Method 2

Extra Heavy Duty, flame- retardant Mighty Tarps are ideal for winter use. The Mighty Tarp protects workers from severe wind, rain and snow, while also providing heat containment that can lower normally associated heating costs.

Our 18-ounce reinforced PVC Mighty Construction Tarps provide superior performance because of its design. It employs a four-inch hem with crisscross webbing, and has grommets across the middle of the tarp. Due to the added stress on the hem created by harsh winds, “D-Rings” with webbing run along each side, increasing the already-high tensile strength.

“The higher a construction job rises in elevation, the more dependent a crew is on its tarps to secure a safe work site,” said Jay Kinder, president of Strong Man. “Mighty Tarp is specifically constructed for these conditions, serving as an alternative to the majority of tarps that can’t respond to the challenges associated with high-rise construction.”

Strong Man’s Mighty Construction Tarps are also used to contain heat during the winter. By reducing heating costs and fees commonly associated with winter maintenance, it helps keep job sites efficient, as well as safe. It is available in three sizes – 15′ x 20′, 20′ x 21′ and 20′ x 30′.

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