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As the leader in geosynthetic solutions, TenCate™ Geosynthetics began the extensive research and design process of looking for the “perfect” base reinforcement geotextile that could move more water while concurrently retaining more soil within a roadway system. This product would also need to hold more force with less overall system movement in order to improve the base strength and support heavier loads; thus, resulting in longer life, less maintenance costs, and better performance.

Modulus. Separation. Confinement. Water flow.
Product identification. Superior integration*.



TenCate Mirafi H2Ri - Superior Geotextile Performance -

TenCate Mirafi H2Ri – Superior Geotextile Performance –

The solution we developed… Mirafi® RSi. We have proven that a geotextile can solve a complex roadway problem, where once upon a time, the only solution considered by some was a geogrid product. Mirafi® RSi is all about integration…

…Integration of a superior multi-layered construction of woven fibers of various dimensions specifically positioned relative to adjoining fibers to create three times the water flow AND an increase in AOS sieve size. Because Mirafi® RSi-Series geosynthetics have higher tensile modulus properties than comparable stabilization products on the market today, it is perfect for base reinforcement and subgrade stabilization in roads, railways, runways and haul roads; and for stabilization of embankments on soft foundations. It also performs well for liner support, voids bridging, hazardous pond closures and other environmental purposes. Mirafi® RSi -Series geosynthetics are available in a variety of roll sizes to fit your specific project needs and requirements. Because no one understands geosynthetics better than TenCate™ Geosynthetics…our materials make a difference. Consider this superior base reinforcement product for your next project.

Mirafi RSi Product Demonstration Video

Mirafi RSi Product Demonstration Video


The Difference TenCate Mirafi® RSi-Series Woven Geosynthetics make:

  • Reinforcement Strength. Higher tensile modulus properties than any comparable stabilization product.
  • Separation and Filtration. Unique double layer construction provides an excellent separation factor with superior filtration and drainage. Uniform openings provide consistent filtration and flow characteristics of a fine to coarse sand layer.
  • Soil and Base Course Interaction. Superior soil and base course confinement resulting in greater load distribution.
  • Durability. Robust damage resistance for moderate to severe stress installations.
  • Roll Sizes. TenCate Mirafi® RSi Series geosynthetics come in several roll sizes to fit project requirements.
  • Seams. Panels can be seamed in the factory or field, providing cross-roll direction strength to facilitate efficient installation.


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