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Let’s cut it together!

diamond blade

It just isn’t as simple as it appears. Cutting concrete, block, brick, pavers and asphalt  looks easy. Choosing the right equipment is not. How deep to cut often determines what saw to use. Deep cuts take a large blade and lots of horsepower to drive it. If it is concrete, is it fresh? Green? Cured? Is dust an issue or will water be the problem? The science in building a diamond matrix is complex. We carry a complete inventory of diamond blades for almost any application. Driving the blade decision may be price considerations: more diamonds, more life, more cost.  GAMKA’s rental saws will cut to a maximum depth of 15” with a 36” diameter blade. Many other sizes and blades to 54”  in diameter are available.

Not all cuts are equal, nor horizontal.

For versatility, handheld cutoff saws are hard to beat. They are the jack of all trades in the cutting business, depending on the application. Standard blade diameters are 12” and 14”. Powered by gasoline engines that spin the blades to 6,300 RPM, they will cut asphalt, brick and block, concrete, metal pipes and wood, in demolition work. Change the blade for the job at hand and go!

Block, brick, pavers, tile: all different.

Want the most efficient cutting? Know your material or waste time and money. Just because it looks like a paver does not mean that all are created equal.  When in doubt ask  a Gamka expert.

Special Sales Offer!

 Diamond Blade Special – 14″ x .125   General  Purpose 10 Pack  – Amazing –  10 Blades for $499.00 (only $49.90 each) Must be in  lots of 10. (Plus tax and shipping when applicable)


Applications: General Purpose, Block, Concrete, Pavers, Brick, Wet or Dry Use

diamond blade

Features: Sintered Bond, Dry/Wet Use

Equipment: Concrete Saw (Low HP), Masonry Saw, High Speed Saws,

Blade Size – 14″ x .125″

Segment Height – 12 MM

Arbor Size – 1″ & 20 MM

Let the power of diamonds do the work for you with this high speed diamond blade. The segmented rim slots help deliver a faster and cooler cut in multiple applications. For all around general purpose use. Excellent for cured concrete, block, and brick. Arbor is 20 mm and 1 inch. Optimum bond matrix provides a faster, longer, smoother cut at a great price.

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