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Serving the Concrete Construction Industry for over 100 years, Dayton Superior is the largest North American manufacturer and distributor of concrete form accessories used in concrete construction. With the experience gained from tens of thousands of concrete construction, concrete accessories, and concrete chemical projects, the 1000+ dedicated Dayton professionals stand ready to help make your concrete construction projects a success!

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Concrete Form Accessories

Over 100 years ago, the individuals and companies that now make up the Dayton Superior Corporation first began developing the products and solutions that help concrete contractors meet the demands of the jobsite. Decades of product innovation, manufacturing advances and engineering excellence later…Dayton Superior concrete form accessories are found on virtually every job where concrete is placed. Our job is to help you build productivity and profitability into every job!

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There is a TV ad that goes, “We don’t make the carpet, we make the carpet stronger.” That’s how it is with us. The dowel baskets and other load transfer devices developed by American Highway Technology and perfected with the manufacturing expertise of Dayton Superior make America’s roads, airports, distribution centers and other heavy-use paving stronger. Our products can extend the usable life of pavement by decades.

  • Longer-lasting Pavement
  • Smoother Road Surface
  • Less Maintenance
  • Faster Construction

Dayton Superior Paving Products Handbook

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Gamka Sales is your complete concrete form accessories and formwork supplier. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call us at 732-248-1400

Even some long-time customers are surprised by the list of SureBuilt products. Be sure you know what we make, especially those of you new to the industry, so you don’t miss out on the best value in concrete construction products.

Bar Support  (slab bolsters and chairs)

Bridge Deck  (overhang brackets and hangers)

Coil Rod  (all the standard sizes)

Coil Ties  (2-strut and 4-strut with optional cones)

Floor Dowels  (dowel basket and taper dowels)

Form Liners  (single and multi-use textures)

Form Ties  (base ties, gang ties, loop ties and X-Flat ties)

Heavy Ties  (taper ties, she-bolts and flat washers)

Metal Rib  (expanded mesh)

Modular Braces  (new brace design up to 62′)

Pencil Rod  (rod and clamp forming)

Pipe Braces  (12 standard sizes)

Post Shores  (deck support and reshoring)

Precast  (anchors, inserts and lifting hardware)

Rebar Caps  (safety on every job)

Self-Riser  (hydraulic core system)

Shoring  (10K frames and cross braces)

Snap Ties  (long-end, short-end and odd-end)

SoloForm (productive gangforming)

SPAN-X  (adjustable aluminum beams)

Staybox  (rebar splicing method)

Steel Stakes  (3/4″ and 7/8″ sizes)

Stud Rail  (DSA reinforcement)

SureCurve (radius forming system)

Sure-Ply  (handset forms with birch plywood)

Tilt-Up   (plus engineering services)

Walers  (butt plate and double channel)