TufTile Polymer Radius Installation Made Easy Video – ADA Detectable Warning Tiles

 TufTile Polymer Radius Installation Made Easy – ADA Detectable Warning Tiles –

ADA Detectable Warning Tiles Tuftile is a leading manufacturer of ADA compliant detectable warning devices (truncated domes). Our product line includes both polymer and powder coated cast iron tactile pavers, with a range of radius wedge connectors to simplify installations requiring radius finishes. TufTile Polymer Radius Installation Made Easy! TufTile is one of the only companies offering a polymer DWD tile that actually manufacture them in our own facility, reducing costs and lead times while allowing us to maintain high quality control standards.

TufTile Polymer Radius Installation Made Easy Applications

Wet-Set Tile and Radius Wedges in both Polymer and Cast Iron allow for fast, easy, compliant, installation of most radius corners from 8′ to 70′ radii with no tile cutting. This results in a seamless radius installation with consistent dome spacing every time.

TufTile® Radii are made by combining wedges and tiles in any combination. Four Wedge sizes and five Tile sizes combine to form a wide range of dimensions.

TufTile Polymer Radius Installation Made Easy

Numerous Radius Sizes are available in High-Impact Polymer & Cast Iron

FEATURE: Tiles and wedges are fastened together with wet-set anchors and fasteners
to form assembled units for installation.

BENEFIT: Elevations remain equal and dome alignment consistent, piece-to-piece,
reducing installer error.

FEATURE: Wedges are factory pre-sized and designed to fasten to detectable tiles to
form perfect radius assemblies.

BENEFIT: Very little field modification (tile cutting) is required. Only the very left-most
and right-most tiles may need to be modified in field.

Additional radii are possible by using various combinations of radius wedges,
24” x 12” tiles, 24” x 24” tiles and 24” x 30” tiles.

Radius Wedges with exclusive Radius Calculator Tool make for easy design and ordering.

TufTile Radius Calculator Tool TufTile Radius Chart TufTile Gray Radius TufTile Radius Multi-Color


Materials – Available in High Impact Polymer and Cast Iron.

  • TufTile® ADA Detectable Warning Tiles are manufactured with our advanced, proprietary polymer that offers exceptional performance characteristics.
  • The back of our tiles include our “concrete keepers” which enable wet concrete to work its way up and over and around a series of “hooks” molded into the back of the tile.
  • UV Stability – not just on the surface but integrated throughout the polymer
  • High-impact resistance
  • ADA compliant wet & dry slip-resistant surface.
  • Overall long-term durability
  • Homogeneous color – not just on the surface but integrated throughout the polymer
  • 100% recyclable
  • Proudly Made in the USA!!
  • Available in the following colors – Yellow, Colonial Red, Brick Red, Black, Dark Gray and NJDOT Safety Red
  • TufTile’s are replaceable. Replacement is an economic alternative to concrete replacement.
  • Wet-Set tiles are shipped with a protective weather resistant surface film. Film is not wrapped under the tile.

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