ADA Detectable Warning Tiles Wet Set – TufTile Truncated Domes

ADA Detectable Warning Tiles Wet Set – TufTile Truncated Domes

ADA Detectable Warning Tiles Wet Set (Replaceable) Tuftile is a leading manufacturer of ADA compliant detectable warning devices (truncated domes). Our product line includes both polymer and powder coated cast iron tactile pavers, with a range of radius wedge connectors to simplify installations requiring radius finishes. TufTile is one of the only companies offering a polymer DWD tile that actually manufacture them in our own facility, reducing costs and lead times while allowing us to maintain high quality control standards.

Safety Red TufTile Med Truncated Dome Detectable Tile

Safety Red TufTile Truncated Dome Detectable Warning Tile

Safety Red Detectable Warning Tile is now in Stock !!!

TufTile® WS is a UV stabilized, high-impact polymer engineered for superior impact-resistance, slip-resistance, wear-resistance, and long-term durability for new constructionWet-Set (Replaceable) ADA Detectable Warning Tiles Wet Set installations.

TufTile’s unique umbrella designed anchors lock the tile securely into the concrete without displacing aggregate or trapping air beneath the tile’s surface. Press into freshly placed concrete and held by umbrella style anchors.

Concrete Keepers™ integrate with concrete “slurry” holding tile fast when concrete cures.  Water and Ice have no home under a TufTile.  TufTile have a void-free back  containing no voids, cavities, or ribbing which can trap air pockets and lead to freeze-thaw heaving in cold climates. There are 25 Concrete Keepers™ per square foot on all TufTiles.

TufTile’s exclusive design incorporates slip-resistant truncated domes molded to exact ADA specification for detectable warning systems. Homogenous materials, uniformly distributed throughout the thickness of the tile provides for superior strength and color stability.

TufTile’s low profile coupled with beveled perimeter edges provides for an easy, safe transition from  surrounding surfaces. This unique (replaceable) design is lightweight, strong and flexible so installations are efficient and easy.

TufTile® ADA Tiles have a 5-Year Limited Warranty!!


Gamka TufTile Submittal Package 2016

TufTile Installation Instructions Surface Applied Tile


TufTile’s ADA Tactile Tiles are manufactured with an advanced proprietary polymer that offers exceptional performance characteristics.

* UV Stability – not just on the surface but integrated throughout the polymer

* High-impact resistance

* Abrasion resistance

* Slip resistance

* Overall long-term durability

* Homogenous color – not just on the surface but integrated throughout the polymer

* TufTiles are 100% recyclable

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