Construction Supplies

Whatever construction project you are working on, Gamka Sales Co. Inc. can provide you with all the items on your list, including an array of concrete construction supplies. To ensure an effective, safe, successful project ask our customer service people their advice on the most effective concrete construction supplies in the market today.

This is where the saying, “For the want of a nail, the kingdom was lost ” comes to life. Here at Gamka we like to say, “If we have it, you need it”. Since 1986 we have been thinking ahead and stocking the items you forgot. The Concrete Accessories, Construction Hardware, Diamond Cutting, Safety Supplies, plus Thermal and Moisture Protection inventory numbers in the thousands of SKUs.

  • Concrete Accessories
      • rebar chairs, form hardware,  paper tubes, wall-ties, wedge bolts, concrete forms, form release, curing compounds and so much more.
  • Construction Hardware
      • wheelbarrows, shovels, ladders, spray paint, measuring tapes, sledge hammers, Chalk Lines, Saws, Marking Tools, Utility Knives, Bolt Cutters
  •  Diamond Cutting
      • Diamond blades, diamond core bits, for every application
  • Safety Supplies
      • Safety Glasses, Hardhats, Safety Lines, Body Harnesses, Perimeter Protection Products, Fall Arrest Equipment, Goggles, Ear Plugs, Ear Muffs, Dust Masks, Respirators, First Aid Kits, Caution Tape, Safety Fencing, Barricade Fencing, Fire Extinguishers, Safety Gas Cans
  • Thermal And Moisture Protection
      • waterproofing and dampproofing materials, insulation board, curing blankets, water repellent sealers, chemical resistant coatings, epoxies,  etc.
  • Concrete Tools
      • Cement Trowels, Floats, Edgers, Darbies, Adapters, Groovers, Handles, Screeds, Jointers, Cement Brooms
  • Chemicals and Bagged Products
      • Epoxies, Repair Mortars, Grouts, Patches, Underlayments, Toppings, Primers, Bonders, Hardeners / Cures, Sealers, Form Oil, Releases, Strippers / Cleaners, Bond Breakers, Portland Cement, Concrete Mixes, Sand, Rapid Set Materials, Salt
Oztec Concrete Vibrator

Oztec Concrete Vibrator


If you don’t see it, contact us and we can probably find it or get it.




Whiteman Ride-on Concrete Power Trowel


We inventory a large assortment on construction hardware, concrete tools and equipment. If you do not see it on this website  please do not hesitate to call us at 732-248-1400. We ship anywhere.