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By September 10, 2012July 27th, 2016Gamka Blog - Bob Hibler

Good News

Good News – Not Losing Your Grip

We can’t all be just about business, nor should we. So, in the interests of Public Service, we bring you this Mental Health Message:

Do you fear that you may be losing your mind? Are you forgetting what you came into the next room for? Have you been thinking it is time for a vacation but afraid that might not help? Relax! A newly discovered phenomena may be the answer to all your concerns.

A study done at the University of Notre Dame by Gabriel Radvansky, a psychology professor, was recently published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Professor Radvansky discovered that moving through a doorway creates an “Event Boundary”. Using college students to perform memory tasks while passing through doorways, the student participants were more likely to forget what they were expecting to do when they passed through a doorway into another room. The study suggested that the mind compartmentalizes activities and decisions and tucks them away. When one walks through that doorway the event that you were to have remembered stayed in the room. You forget to put the cat out or to get the milk for your coffee or to warm up the car just by moving into another area.

So take heart, your memory lapses would appear to be just a normal brain function. You do not have to ingest ginkgo biloba for your senior moments, your sanity is intact. You have experienced an “Event Boundary”!

On the other hand, just saying, it is possible that you are going crazy.


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