Credit Cards

Gamka Credit Card Policy

Our preference for the safety of our customers and our company is to transact all credit card purchases at the store using the EMV chip system. While that is not always possible, we have devised a method for those rare occurences when that is not possible.

If you would like to make a purchase using credit cards over the phone we have the following procedures that must be followed;

Procedures for accepting credit cards over the phone.

All steps must be followed for the order to be accepted and processed.

  1. Copy of the front and back of the credit card (must be legible)
  2. Copy of the front and back of their Driver’s License
  3. Picture of individual holding the driver’s license to compare the pic to the person.
  4. Gamka’s Gamka Credit Card Authorization Form  must be completely filled out and signed. 

All names must match between Credit Card, Driver’s License and Authorization Form.

Management reserves the right to reject any order at it’s discretion.