Gamka Sales Co Inc is a Small Business Enterprise

SBE Certified Supplier in New Jersey


PHIL MURPHY – Governor
P.O. BOX 026
TRENTON, NJ 08625-034
PHONE: 609-292-2146 FAX: 609-984-6679
SHEILA OLIVER – Lt. Governor
SBE Certified Supplier Certification Number:  A0116-16
Issued: 7/9/2020               Expiration: 7/9/2023
Peter Lowicki  – Deputy Director


This certificate acknowledges GAMKA SALES CO., INC. as a Category approved Small
Business Enterprise (SBE) that has met the criteria established by N.J.A.C. 17:13 and/or 17:14..

This registration will remain in effect for three years. Annually the business must submit,
not more than 60 days prior to the anniversary of the registration notice, an annual
verification statement in which it shall attest that there is no change in the ownership,
revenue eligibility or control of that business.

If the business fails to submit the annual verification statement by the anniversary date,
the SBE registration will lapse and the business SBE status will be revoked in the New
Jersey Selective Assistance Vendor information (NJSAVI) database that lists registered
Small businesses. If the business seeks to be registered again, it will have to reapply and
complete a new application


SBE Certified Supplier Document

SBE Certified Supplier  Construction Equipment Rentals and Sales

“BUILDING ANSWERS”.  For more than thirty years, we have been distributors of building materials, construction supplies, construction equipment, and outdoor power equipment. When you need building answers, think of Gamka Sales first as your (Small Business Enterprise) SBE Certified Supplier!

We are one of the largest independent construction suppliers in New Jersey.  We cater to concrete, site and landscape contractors in addition to offering lawn and garden equipment for the homeowner or professional. We sell, rent and service most major brands and are a certified warranty center for everything we sell. If a contractor has anything to do with concrete, from placing it to restoring it and every stage in between, Gamka can help. We have the equipment to vibrate it, screed it, finish it, heat it, grind it, drill it, and cut it. We have the ties, the chairs, the expansion joint, the fillers, the anchors, the keyway, the stakes, the insulation. We have the chemicals to seal it, cure it, damp proof it, stain it, clean it, release it, bond it, grout it, level it, accelerate it, retard it and protect it. If you don’t want leaks Gamka has the water stop, if you have leaks we have the plugs. Got cracks? We have the caulk and patches. Concrete contractors come to Gamka for solutions to problems and with a staff sharing 250 years of expertise, contractors leave with answers.

If you’re looking for rental equipment, we offer over 1900 pieces of construction and landscaping rental machines. Rental information.

We are proud to be supplying NJ contractors for their construction needs.