Wacker Neuson Compaction Equipment

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Wacker Neuson Compaction Equipment - Rammer

Wacker Neuson Rammer

In or out of the trenches, Wacker Neuson offers the largest selection of rammers in the industry with two-cycle, four-cycle and diesel options available. As the only manufacturer to offer two-cycle technology, these units are the first choice for many contractors because they run on regular gas, hit harder and are extremely durable in harsh conditions. They are also the cleanest running and exceed all EPA regulations beyond 2015. For 80 years, Wacker Neuson rammers have set the standards for compaction of cohesive, mixed and granular soils in confined areas.


Trench Roller  

Wacker Neuson’s articulated trench rollers have become job site mainstays for many contractors. The remote controlled rollers are offered with two drum widths and the patented below the axle exciter in each drum allows for the efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil for superior compaction results. The compact design, low center of gravity, vibration speed, and choice of high or low compaction force provide additional versatility making these units ideal for working in trenches and excavations, pipeline and backfill applications as well as the compaction of sub bases for foundations, roads and parking lots.


Reversible Plates

Wacker Neuson Reversible Plates

Best known for its compaction equipment, Wacker Neuson’s largest selection of reversible plates in the industry set the standard for plate technology. Choose from a versatile range of models from 15.5” to 47” wide baseplates and centrifugal forces ranging from 5624 lbs. to 29,230 lbs., plus special features such as integrated wheel kits on the smaller units and remote controls for the larger units. All Wacker Neuson reversible plates are designed with a patented infinitely variable forward and reverse option including spot compaction for easy maneuverability and are ideal for trenches and over large areas o on a variety of soil types.


Asphalt Plates and Rollers

Wacker Neuson Plate Compactors

Wacker Neuson has the compaction equipment to put the finishing touches on your job. Asphalt plates and rollers can help you quickly and economically compact base and asphalt surfaces. From narrow single direction plates with water tanks to larger ride-on rollers, Wacker Neuson’s asphalt compaction equipment provides smooth, up the edge quality asphalt finish.


Wacker Neuson Rollers

Wacker Neuson Rollers


Added Value

Wacker Neuson compaction equipment  products provide maximum reliability and productivity. These innovative designs offer the ultimate in operator comfort and safety while meeting governmental and environmental regulations.

GREEN: All Wacker Neuson compaction equipment meets or exceeds the current Tier, EPA and CARB regulations.

CLEAN: Innovations such as the environmentally-friendly mobile generators are available with 115% fluid containment system.

QUIET: Sound levels are among the best in the industry benefiting the operator and surrounding area.

COMFORT: Rammers, breakers and plates have the lowest hand arm vibration (HAV) in their class protecting the operator while increasing work time.

SAFETY: Remote controlled trench rollers and reversible plates help protect operators from vibrations and cave-ins.

PRODUCTIVE: Operator platforms and cabs are designed for ultimate comfort, therefore increasing productivity.


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