Borgata Hotel - Wacker Neuson External Concrete Vibrators Article

An article written by Lee Publications on Building the Borgata in Atlantic City with Gamka’s Help using Wacker Neuson external concrete vibrators to assist in the construction of this huge project. The concrete walls came out perfect and required no additionla patching after the forms were stripped.

First-class concrete consolidation is essential for the production of concrete surfaces. Thanks to its high-quality construction, Wacker Neuson’s external concrete vibrator AR 36 offers this precision consolidation. The result: Beautifully smooth and level concrete surfaces on walls, pillars and columns.

High-Cycle External Concrete Vibrators are designed for use in low slump concrete where consistent power is needed to liquefy and move a stiff mix into corners and around rebar, or for any job where extended length vibrators are required.

Optimally suited for the consolidation of concrete in combination with concrete forms, molds and vibrating tables.

The frequency can be individually set (from 0 to 7200 vibrations) when used in combination with an adjustable frequency inverter. This feature minimizes sound emissions as well as increases consolidation performance.

Three different fastening systems are offered: On a base plate with a taper pin, with a quick-connect clamp device (for model sizes 4 and 5) or with a flanged attachment (different bore patterns available)

Units feature Class H insulation (up to 356 F or 180 C) for reliable, continuous operation.

High power motor guarantees constant speeds even under the most difficult working conditions
Powerful and reliable performance
Variable centrifugal force through removal or reversal of the eccentric shim weights
Vibration resistant construction
Fastened with a flange or your choice of clamping systems

The operator-friendly clamping system for different types of formworks allows quick assemblies without the need for special tools. The whole system is well balanced and easy to manage for maximum operator comfort.
Heavy-duty and rugged external vibrator and fastening system reduces wear.
The vibration-proof class H stator windings are wrapped and embedded in synthetic material for reliability. They will withstand a short-term load of up to 180C ( 356 F)
The high power motor guarantees constant speeds even under the most difficult working conditions.