Wacker Neuson RT-82 Trench Roller

Wacker Neuson RT Trench Roller

Wacker Neuson RT Trench Roller

Smart trench rollers for tough compaction applications

Wacker Neuson’s articulated trench rollers feature a dual joystick control box for easy steering. This smart remote control system uses an infared signal with line-of-sight control for added safety. If the operator comes within six feet (one metre) of the roller’s front or rear sensing eye with the control box, the unit will stop moving and vibrating. A smart machine for any jobsite.

The RT trench roller is ideally suited for the compaction of excavations and sub bases of foundations, roads and parking lots. The compaction of cohesive soils is the RT’s specialty. The sheepsfoot drums, together with the adjustable centrifugal force, achieve optimum results. Available in two different drum widths. The remote control system uses infrared technology for maximum safety: The machine is disabled as soon as the line of sight between operator and device is lost. The proximity recognition sensor stops the RT as soon as it moves within 2 m of the operator.


The lower end is completely maintenance-free, thanks to the self-lubricating design of the drive and exciter. That makes it most economical to run throughout its whole service life.

The below the axle exciter in each drum allows for more efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil for superior compaction results. In addition, the low position of the exciters improves the stability of the machine and lowers the risk of the device toppling over.

The articulated joint increases the maneuverability around curved building segments, such as manhole covers, without tearing up the ground that has just been compacted.

The engine control module with diagnostic LEDs monitors machine functions such as oil pressure, radiator level, engine temperature, glow plug, battery and air filter capacity.

Wacker Neuson’s innovative safety concept. Good for your construction site. Ideal for every operator.

1992 – The first infrared remote control with line-of-sight steering is developed for universal rollers, and later for vibratory plates too.

Infrared remote control supports high safety levels for operators and their immediate vicinity. Therefore, the operator stands safely outside the trench, protected from vibration, dust and noise.

The primary focus of Wacker Neuson’s innovative remote control technology is this:

Safer construction sites. And thanks to the sophisticated technological advances, three operators can control three machines of the same type at the same time, without interference.

The intelligent remote control is available for different types of Wacker Neuson devices.

• For the universal rollers RT 56 and RT 82

• For the vibration plates DPU 7060 and DPU 130

• For the coupling set of the DPU 100-70

Keeping an eye on safety:  Thanks to innovative remote control. By Wacker Neuson

The remote control with line-of-sight technology is a welcome addition to every construction site.

  • Designed with safety in mind: The machine comes to an immediate halt when the operator lets go of the remote control joysticks or comes within two meters of the device.
  • Intuitive operation, thanks to magnetic joysticks.
  • 16 set channels for optimal communication between user and device. The operator sets the channel with a simple flip of the switch.
  • Three operators can control three machines of the same type at the same time, without interference.
  • The remote control can be used and programmed for different devices. Just get in touch for more information.
  • NiMH high-performance endurance battery pack ensures long operating times.
  • The battery pack can be recharged with the charging cable while the machine is running, and without de-activating the proximity recognition sensor.
  • This complies fully with Euronorm EN 500, Part 4 – Appendix B.


Trench Roller Details

  • Maintenance-free / lubrication oil-free lower end including drum drive and exciters.
  • Below the axle exciter in each drum allows for more efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil for superior compaction results.
  • The transparent Engine Control Module (ECM) with diagnostic LEDs monitors machine functions such as oil pressure, engine temperature, glow plug, battery, tip over and air cleaner capacity for easy operation and troubleshooting.
  • Design patented RT rollers feature an easy to open hood made from a heavy-duty molded material that is extremely durable, rust-free and virtually dent-free.
  • Removable fuel and hydraulic tanks along with hydraulic connectors located on one side of the unit provide for easy accessibility and improved overall serviceability.
  • These trench rollers are ideally suited for the compaction of sub bases for foundations, roads and parking lots; the sheepsfoot drums and vibration speed also offer optimum compaction of cohesive soils.
  • With 16-channel transmission multiple rollers can be operated on the same job site without interference from one another.

 Trench Roller Exciter – How it Works

RTx model offers flexible drums that allows for convenient conversion from 32 in/82 cm to 22 in/56 cm. The easy to remove extensions have a central mounting system that protects the bolts from exposure to damage during operation.

RT Trench Roller Exciter Graphic

Below the axle exciter in each drum: means more efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil and improved stability of the machine.

RT Trench Roller Articulation Graphic

The articulated joint enables continuous operation around curved building segments.


Wacker Neuson will show the new version of the articulated joint trench roller for the first time at Bauma. With this roller, customers can easily reduce the operating width from 82 to 56 cm.

While in the past only the use of a roller with narrow drums was required for compacting very narrow trenches, customers with the RTx trench roller can simply detach the newly designed attachment drums, thereby reducing the operating width from 82 cm to 56 cm. After use, the attachment drums can be re-attached easily so that the full surface capacity is available for wider trenches.


In developing the new attachment drums, Wacker Neuson placed particular value on the simplicity of assembly. This should also be no problem, even after prolonged use of the roller when the naturally high force effects that occur during compaction have left their traces on the drums. For this reason, the mounting points of the attachment drums are located directly on the slightly inward shifted hub, which lies very close to the axle. This position also ensures a reliable fit, even after repeated stress on the roller. Even the screw heads here are excellently protected against damage from stone chippings.

The threaded holes that are initially exposed after removing the attachment drum are closed using screws designed specifically for this purpose so that no dirt accumulates in the openings, which could affect the subsequent assembly of the attachment drums. In order to facilitate the assembly and disassembly, handles are aligned flush with the inner edge of the drum, protected against dirt and deformation.

The scraper bars significantly contribute to the good compaction results of the roller. With each revolution, the specially reinforced fittings that are attached alongside the drums scrape off the soil that has accumulated on the drums. The new RT is delivered with two different widths of scraper bars so that both versions of the roller provide for an optimal compaction result over the entire operating width. The new RTx roller replaces the RT 56 in the Wacker Neuson product portfolio. The RT 82 with the fixed drum width of 82 cm is still available.

Trench Roller – Technical specifications

RTx-SC2 RT 82-SC2
Operating data
Operating weight  lb 3,439 3,300
L x W x H  in 73 x 32 x 48.4 73 x 32 x 48.4
Drum diameter  in 20.5 20.5
Drum width * in 0 32
Centrifugal force (min.) lbf 7,688.5 7,688.5
Centrifugal force (max.) lbf 15,377 15,377
Frequency  Hz 41.7 41.7
Linear force static (per drum) lb/in 57.1 55.4
Linear force dynamic (per drum) lb/in 257 257
Travel speed forward mph 1.5 1.5
Travel speed reverse mph 1.5 1.5
Turning radius inner in 63 63
Surface capacity max. (depending on soil consistency) ft²/h 10,656.4 10,656.4
Gradeability max. (without vibration) % 50 50
Gradeability max. (with vibration) % 45 45
Engine / Motor
Engine / Motor type Water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine with electric starter Water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine with electric starter
Engine / Motor manufacturer Kohler KDW 1,003 Kohler KDW 1,003
Displacement  in³ 62.7 62.7
Operating performance (DIN ISO 3046) hp 20.8 20.8
RPM / speed Operating rpm 2,600 2,600
Fuel type Low Sulfer / Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel Diesel
Fuel consumption  US gal/h 1.2 1.2
Tank capacity  US gal 6.3 6.3
*RTx model offers flexible drums that allows for conversion from 32 in/820 mm to 22 in/560 mm.


RT82 Trench Roller Demonstrated in dirt RT82_E21_700x466_8073495c4f
RT82_E34_700x466_78477a1b98 Trench Roller Left Side View
Trench Roller Front View Trench Roller Side View
Trench Roller Drum Lower Shot Trench Roller Drum Separation
Wacker Neuson Action RT Trench Roller Drum Separation


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