Wacker Neuson 9503 Wheeled Excavator

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Wacker Neuson’s 9.5 metric ton 9503 wheeled excavator is the ultimate urban excavator. The compact design, excellent speed and mobility make this unit ideal for working in confined areas where larger units cannot access. The impressive power and speed allow this unit to easily move to and from the job site, especially in metropolitan areas.

How often do you move your machine each day?

With a wheeled excavator you can save 60 minutes every time. That’s two hours for every round trip to one job-site!

Wacker Neuson 9503 Wheeled Excavator

Travels up to 25mph!

Travel speed up to 25 mph saves time and money by eliminating the need to transport the unit on a trailer.

Dual tires and four-wheel drive offer smooth, comfortable ride, ensure stability and allow the unit to maneuver on rough terrain.

Front stabilizers and rear dozer blade provide extra stability while digging or lifting.

Proportional control auxiliary hydraulics are operated by an electric valve and tip switch on the joystick for smooth work with attachments.

Large ergonomically-designed cab offers many creature comforts – unit comes radio ready for operator convenience.

A unique tilting operator’s platform and large engine cover are the only two points of access needed to expose all maintenance components.

General Brochure

Wacker Neuson 9503 Data Sheet – Click Here

The load sensing hydraulics offer quality performance. Safe and precise excavation is routine for the 9503 wheeled excavator. Moreover, the LUDV pressure scale of the 9503 ensures optimal productivity. This makes it possible to carry out several movements at the same time without loss of time or performance. Complete precision and balance is achieved with the first control impulse, regardless of function and load.

  • Synchronized and smooth arm movements.
  • Highly mobile and versatile.
  • Comfortable operation for driver.
  • Fast on the road and powerful on the job.
  • Optimized work cycles for more performance per unit of time.
  • Best development of power, just where it is especially needed.
  • Simplest handling and quick familiarity for professionals.
  • Additional hydraulics with hammer return pipe are standard.
  • Highest reliability.

Wacker Neuson’s 9503 wheeled excavators feature a spacious cab with simple controls for easy and comfortable operation. Service also is made convenient with a tilt-able cab, large covers and overall easy access components.

Wacker Neuson’s 9503 wheeled excavators are job site proven in Europe and are an excellent addition to our seven compact track excavators.  The compact size, speed and mobility make them the ideal machine for a variety of applications that require the excavator to move around the job site or to and from the job site in municipal areas.

We rent, sell and service all Wacker Neuson equipment. Gamka Sales Co. Inc. is an Authorized Wacker Neuson Dealer, with Certified Trained mechanics, Authorized to perform all service work and warranty repairs – Please call 732-248-1400