Wacker Neuson Wheeled Excavator  Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson Wheeled Excavators set the standard with a new line of products featuring superior design, improved functionality and ergonomic operating comfort. Wacker Neuson completes its compact excavator range with two compact wheeled excavators, the 6503 and 9503.

The Wacker Neuson Mobile Excavators 6503/9503 are powerful and proven multi-functional machines, in which all Wacker Neuson skills are united: a powerful system on a stable platform with advanced engineering’ tested components and intelligence in every detail.

Stable. Fast. Agile.

The 6503 Wheeled Excavator is unrivaled in size, power and superiority:

The high horsepower engine offers excellent performance and the pivot arm allows
for operation in confined areas. Machine is fitted with twin tires and leveling blade at
the rear as standard.

The 9503 Wheeled Excavator is the sum of the technical possibilities. Perfectly combined.

Its high degree of stability is ensured by an optimal distribution of weight. Stabilizer
brackets in the front and leveling blade on back guarantee maximum stability
while working. Twin tires provide stability on the move as well as while digging and
carrying loads.

Wacker Neuson Facts:

• Save time and money! Get to your job faster, no need for a truck and driver.

• High travel speeds improve productivity: 6503 up to 19 mph and 9503 up to 25 mph.

• Large fuel tanks/low consumption saves time and money.   6503 – 22 gal tank and 9503 – 45 gal tank.

• High speed drive power.

• Diesel engines comply with all noise and exhaust standards.


Wacker Neuson 6503 Wheeled Excavator

Wacker Neuson 6503 Wheeled Excavator

Wacker Neuson Wheeled Excavator – 6.5 Metric Tons – Model 6503









Wacker Neuson Wheeled Excavator – 9.5 Metric Tons – Model 9503

Wacker Neuson Action 9503 Wheeled Excavator - Rubber Tired

Wacker Neuson Action 9503 Wheeled Excavator


Wacker Neuson’s wheeled excavators are the most compact available and are the ultimate urban excavator. (Local regulations may vary, check with your local dealer
regarding road travel) The compact size, speed and mobility make them the ideal machine for a variety of applications that require the excavator to move around
the job site or to and from the job site in municipal areas. The 9503 and 6503 are the fastest mobile excavators in their class with 25 mph top speed for the 9503 and
19 mph for the 6503.


We rent, sell and service all Wacker Neuson equipment. Gamka Sales Co. Inc. is an Authorized Wacker Neuson Dealer, with Certified Trained mechanics, Authorized to perform all service work and warranty repairs – Please call 732-248-1400