Wacker Neuson Portable Generators

Wacker Neuson Premium Products Generators – Rugged and powerful premium portable generators

Designed for construction, rental and other demanding applications, these quiet, high-performance, portable generators deliver unmatched tool starting and voltage regulation in a rugged compact package.

Wacker Neuson GPS-9700 Portable Generators

Wacker Neuson GPS-9700 Portable Generators

Excellent for powering single or multiple tools on an entire job site or as emergency or standby power. Built with heavy-duty frames and premium components to provide long, trouble-free operation even in abusive environments. Ideal for powering high starting amperage tools such as compressors, grinders, fusion welders as well as all your Wacker Neuson electric power tools.

Premium Products Weight Electrical power Engine Manufacturer Est Runtime Hours
GP 2500A» 98 lb 2,500 W Honda 15.9
GP 2600» 105 lb 2,600 W Wacker Neuson 24.15
GP 3800A» 167.8 lb 3,800 W Honda 27.2
GP 4000» 152 lb 4,000 W Wacker Neuson 19.5
GP 5600A» 196 lb 5,600 W Honda 36.7
GPS 5600A» 209 lb 5,600 W Honda 31
GP 6600A» 198 lb 6,600 W Honda 38
GPS 6600A» 213 lb 6,600 W Honda 32.2
GPS 9700V» 221 lb 9,700 W B&S Vangaurd 35



Wacker Neuson Portable Value Generators – Reliable portable power in a value package Wacker Neuson GV5600 Portable Generators

Commercial grade portable generators built for the value conscious contractor or do-it-yourselfer in mind. This economical generator is ideal for powering electric pumps, breakers, drills, concrete vibrators, saws, lights, heaters, etc. It is an excellent choice for home and small business temporary power or powering job site trailers. The simple to operate features and large muffler providing quiet operation make this unit ideal for residential applications.

Value Products Operating weight Electrical power Engine Manufacturer
GV 2500A» 127.9 lb 2,280 W Honda
GV 3800A» 191.8 lb 3,800 W Honda
GV 5600A» 220.46 lb 5,600 W Honda
GV 6600A» 222.67 lb 6,600 W Honda



Wacker Neuson –  Inverter Style Portable Generators – Convenient and rugged portable power

These high quality machines are easy to operate, portable inverter generators that offers clean 120V AC power that is ideal for powering small tools and

Wacker Neuson GPi 1700 Portable Generators

Wacker Neuson GPi 1700 Portable Generators

sensitive electronics. It’s a great choice for residential or recreational applications, but is rugged and powerful enough to meet the demands of the construction industry.

Inverter Products Operating weight Electrical power Starting Power
GPi 1700» 45.2 lb 1,650 W Recoil
GPi 3200» 83.8 lb 3,200 W Recoil
GPSi 3200» 130.1 lb 3,200 W Electric (plus recoil)
GPi 4300» 99.2 lb 4,300 W Recoil
GPSi 4300» 163.1 lb 4,300 W Electric (plus recoil)
Wacker Neuson GPSi4300 Portable Generators

Wacker Neuson GPSi4300 Portable Generators


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