Wacker Neuson BH65 Gas Powered Breaker

Wacker Neuson

The new generation Wacker Neuson BH65 gas powered breaker offers improved ease of use without compromising their very good demolition performance. The improved engine cooling makes working at lower engine temperatures more pleasant. In addition, the new generation hammers are easier to start and have an improved useful life. Just a few components and easy accessibility make maintenance and handling extremely simple.

  • Thrifty, low-emission WM 80, the engine of the future. Wacker Neuson’s own development: light, environmentally sound and user friendly.
  • Long continuous operating time due to low consumption and large-volume fuel tank.
  • Simple percussion system maintenance at the site with a small grease gun by way of the central zerk fitting.
  • Shank(s) for all standard tools.
  • Flexible use, independent of compressed air supply and compressors.
  • The supplementary handle makes the machine easier to use.
  • The proven EPA-certified Wacker Neuson two-cycle engine is specifically designed for tough, rugged applications and is a powerful, low exhaust emission engine offering long service life.
  • Improved cooling system offers greater operator comfort, safety and service life.
  • Large, over-sized fuel tank reduced refueling interruptions and provides for long run times.
  • The centrally located grease nipple makes maintenance easy, as it allows the complete machine to be greased on the job site with a small grease pump.
  • The gasoline engine eliminates the need for an external power source offering a high degree of flexibility for various applications.

Best for:
 Light Construction Projects

Wacker Neuson BH65 Gas Powered Breaker Highlights:

Unique to the other breakers, the BH65 gas powered breaker is extremely mobile because it runs on fuel, eliminating the need for an extension cord. Due to its low fuel consumption and large-volume fuel tank, the BH65 gas powered breaker has the ability to operate continuously for an extended period of time. In addition, this new-generation hammer is easier to start and has an improved useful life due to its engine cooling system.

Weighing in at 57 pounds, Model BH 65 gas powered breaker offers a new, compact design with redesigned hood and handles for operator comfort. It features an improved cooling system that uses an air deflector to transfer cool air to the percussion system. The self-contained unit hits with a single stroke impact of 47.9 ft.-lb./blow at a rate of 1,250 blows per minute; it does not require a generator or compressor. Its fuel cap has been repositioned to allow the tank to be filled when the unit is upright or lying on the ground.

WACKER’s BH 65 gas powered breaker brings reliability and high-performance to any job site. Providing single blow energy of 65 Joules, it is unsurpassed in the gasoline breaker market due to the innovative percussion system and the proven WACKER WM 80 engines. Providing the best solution for breaking and demolition, the BH 65 is also comfortable and easy to use. The fully spring-mounted hood significantly reduces hand/arm vibrations (HAV), making longer hours of operation possible. By combining strong demolition performance and low HAV values, WACKER’s BH 65 gas powered breaker provides maximum productivity. Unit comes with cart, point and chisel.

Warranty: Includes standard 1 year warranty!

Wacker Neuson BH65 Gas Powered Breaker Technical Data

  • Type = WM 80
  • Displacement = 4.9
  • at = 4.100
  • Shipping weight (including packaging) = 70,6
  • Length x width x height = 37.8×17.7×13.1
  • Drive engine = air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine
  • Manufacturer = Wacker Neuson
  • Fuel consumption = 1.0
  • Percussion rate = 1.250
  • Fuel type = petrol-oil mixture 50 : 1
  • Rated power output = 2.7
  • Power Train = from engine via centrifugal clutch, crank mechanism and air-cushion percussion system to tool
  • Tank capacity = 2.2
  • Weight without tool = 57.3
  • Single stroke impact = 47.9
  • Shank = hex 1.1 x 6.0
  • Shipping size (L x W x H) = 38.6×18.5×14.2
  • Hand-arm acceleration (ISO 8662 Part 1) = 19.7
  • Sound pressure level = 108,5

When you need a concrete breaker or hammer, consider purchasing a gas powered breaker for your next project.  Great for exterior applications.

Caution – do not use this gas powered breaker indoors without proper ventilation and safety equipment.

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