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Announcement – We are now an Authorized Stocking Dealer for Nox-Crete Construction Chemicals. Gamka is stocking a broad range of products that are known to be of the highest quality and highest performing in it’s class. Nox-Crete manufactures a full line of tilt-up cure and bondbreakers, liquid floor hardeners, joint fillers, curing and sealing compounds, water repellents.

Nox-Crete Chemicals

Chemical Solutions to Concrete Problems

SilcoSeal Select – Best Tilt-up Bondbreaker in the Industry!

Silcoseal Select is a new generation cure and tilt-up bondbreaker. In contrast to most conventional cure and bondbreakers, Silcoseal Select does not contain any wax or hydrocarbon resins. As a result, it does not depend on a physical barrier deposited on top of the casting slab to prevent bonding.

Why is SilcoSeal Select the Best?

Silcoseal Select consists of a special formulation of chemically reactive organic compounds in a predominately water based solvent system which chemically react with calcium hydroxide, a byproduct of the cement hydration reaction, present in the concrete surface pores. The reaction products are amorphous gels which, in conjunction with other combined special organic compounds in Silcoseal Select, effectively seal concrete surface pores. Moisture entry or exit is restricted, allowing good retention of concrete mixing water to assist in providing proper cement hydration. This also minimizes concrete surface cracking and crazing. Properly applied, Silcoseal Select positively prevents the bonding of tilt wall panels to casting slab floor surfaces.


  • As a cure and bondbreaker in tilt-up, lift slab and precast concrete construction.
  • Use to cure the top side of tilt wall panels to prevent the formation of shrinkage cracks.
  • Effective as a cure only on interior concrete flat-work where the use of conventional resin based curing compounds is impractical.


  • Silcoseal Select is more effective than all other previous versions of Silcoseal.
  • Provides improved resistance to the “osmotic effect”.  By restricting the tendency for water to migrate from freshly placed panel concrete through the bondbreaker film and into the casting slab. Reducing the “osmotic effect” greatly improves panel concrete surface appearance resulting in a smooth, uniform surface profile, color and appearance.
  • Achieves exceptional wall panel surface appearance.
  • As a result this leaves no residue or resulting staining on wall panel or casting slab floor surfaces when properly applied.
  • This achieves a crisp, positive release that minimizes panel surface defects and reduces panel resurfacing/patching costs.

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