Injecting Life into Infrastructure

Prime Resins – Injecting Life into Infrastructure

Prime Resins Polyurethane & Acrylic – Leak Repair 

Our line of Prime Resins Prime Flex polyurethane and acrylic products are used to stop leaks and to fill underground voids without digging. These low viscosity injection resins and acrylics are long-lasting solutions to leaks in manholes, utility vaults, meter boxes, tunnels, tanks, clarifiers, aeration basins, lift stations, pump stations, catch basins, elevator pits, below-grade walls, equipment pits, lateral connections, mainlines, dams, channels, flumes, swimming pools, concrete basements, and many other areas requiring waterproofing. Some chemical grouts cure to a rigid or flexible foam, while others to a flexible gel.

We offer two major types of leak repair resins: hydrophilic and hydrophobic.

Prime Resins Hydrophilic grouts readily mix with water and seek out water to get an excellent “bite” into the pores of wet concrete. This is important when trying to seal a crack in wet concrete. Hydrophilic grouts are used to stop leaks through cracks and joints in underground structures. When cracks or joints open and close with temperature changes, a tight water seal and bond is maintained due to the flexibility of a hydrophilic grout. Prime Flex 900XLV – Hydrophillic Water Activated Urethane – is a good selection for these applications.

Prime Resins Hydrophobic grouts are typically used to fill voids and stabilize soils due to their low viscocity, high expansion rate, and ability to set up under wet conditions without diluting. A hydrophobic resin repels water. When injected into loose soil or voids, it expands and replaces any water present. Because rigid hydrophobic material is not affected by fluctuation in the moisture content of soil, it is virtually unaffected by water table. It retains its strength, size, and impermeability under almost all soil conditions. Prime Flex 920 – Hydrophobic Water Activated Urethane -is a good selection for this application.

Prime Resins Manhole Leak Repair Video

Prime Resins Manhole Leak Repair Video

Prime Resins NJ Adventure Aquarium Case Study

Prime Resins I & I Control Brochure

Prime Resins – If you have leaks– we can Help!


Prime Resins Polyurethane & Acrylic – Soil Stabilization

In this extremely specialized field, chemical grouts are used to fill voids, stabilize soil, and create sub-grade grout barriers below roadways, in earthen dams, coastal seawalls, underground vaults and tunnel boring operations. A major advantage of chemical grouting is the ability to strengthen existing soils without the need for excavation or disruption of facility operations. As the popularity of trenchless technology continues to grow, engineers and contractors are finding that they can use chemical grout to solve a multitude of problems caused by poor soil or excessive water conditions.

Prime Resins manufactures products for both permeation and compaction grouting operations. Permeation grouting saturates the soil with an extremely low viscosity resin (Prime Flex 910 injected neat, AR 800 or Hydro Gel SX mixed with water). Compaction grouting results from injecting a two component, rapid set, highly expansive structural foam (Prime Flex 985 series) which fills voids and compacts soil by its expansive pressure.



Prime Resins Soil Stabilization Video

Prime Resins Soil Stabilization Video



Prime Resins Polyurethane – Void Fill and Slab Lifting

Prime Flex 985 is a two component high strength structural polyurethane foam. It is mixed at a 1:1 ratio using a two component pump and is often used to fill voids beneath concrete slabs or behind below grade concrete structures. Prime Flex 985 is available in 10 gallon units, 100 gallon units, or 600 gallon units. It is available in standard and fast set times as well as two different expansion ratios (LX 10 =ten times expansion and LX 20 =20 times expansion). Prime Flex 985 may be injected using our Flow Master air operated pump.

Precision Lift 3.5# is a two component high strength structural foam designed for lifting slabs using our Precision LiftTM process. The method requires specialized equipment that heats, dispenses, and mixes the resin. The extremely rapid set time allows for precise control over the slab lifting operation to within an eighthof an inch (1/8”) or less of desired level.

Prime Resins Precision Lift - Concrete Slab Lifting Animation Video

Prime Resins Precision Lift – Concrete Slab Lifting Animation Video

Call us for data sheets and current pricing. We are experts at this and would love to share our knowledge to contractors and homeowners. These products need to be professionally installed by qualified contractors.

Floor Repair & Prime Resins Brochure

Floor Repair and Joint Protection

Industrial floors often break down at the control joints. This can be due to slabs that are rocking or constant hammering from heavy forklift traffic.


Floor Repair

Spalled concrete is concrete that is chipped, cracked, and deteriorating. This often happens right at a joint. The best way to fix these is with an epoxy or polyurethane mortar. The fastest way to repair a spall is to use Floor Fix polymer resin and make a mortar using oven dry sand. This material is traffic ready in 10 minutes! Prime Bond 3100 or Prime Bond 3900 also makes a fantastic mortar if you have time for the material to cure (usually overnight).


Joint Protection

Assuming the slabs are not moving, the solution to prevent further damage is our Joint Shield line of epoxy and polyurea joint fillers. These materials will support the sidewalls of the joints and bridge the gap that currently allows the traffic to beat up the joint edge. Don’t confuse these materials with typical joint sealers that are only applied at the surface. These are full depth materials that are strong enough and flexible enough to withstand continuous steel wheel traffic but not so rigid as to weld the joint together. Joint Shield 5000 is our old standby epoxy joint filler. For faster turnaround with the ability to shave the joints flush, try our Joint Shield 5500 or Joint Shield 5700 polyurea joint fillers.


About Prime Resins:

Established in 1982, Prime Resins manufactures polyurethane foams, epoxy injection resins, and polyurea coatings. With in-house R&D labs, formulation, packaging and technical support offered 24/7, Prime Resins has everything customers and partners need to help solve problems. Specified by engineers, injected by specialty contractors, and distributed through building suppliers, Prime Resins products are used primarily to stop leaks, stabilize soils, strengthen and protect concrete. For more information about Prime Resins, please click the link to visit their website.

 Gamka is an Authorized Prime Resins Dealer since 1988. We are factory trained on all their products. Call us at 732-248-1400 for technical guidance and products for your project.