Construction chemicals at work - patching materialsConstruction Chemicals Solutions

Construction Chemicals are Gamka’s forte′. We carry aggregate to extend mixes, sand, and all the way up to space-age answers to truly exotic problems. Do you have to patch a cold storage warehouse floor at zero degrees Fahrenheit? All in a days work at Gamka. Is the acrylic window in your 60,000 gallon Hippo Tank, leaking? No problem, we have the polyurethane resin fix you and the hippo have been looking for.

Other Construction Chemicals

And we have Anti-Spalling Compounds, Asphalt Release, Caulks, Curing Compounds, Damp-proofing, Dry Shakes, Epoxies, Form Release, Hardeners, Hydraulic Cement, Masonry Cleaners, Metallic Toppings, Non-Shrink Grouts, Paint Strippers, Patching Materials, Polyureas, construction chemicals. Precision Hi-Performance Grouts, Repair Mortars, Sealers, Self-Leveling Toppings, Shotcrete, Urethane Chemical Grouts to list a few, the list is hundreds of products long! Better yet, you don’t have to wade through it, contact us for an answer.

Mold Remediation Brochure

Although Gamka offers a huge number of construction chemicals, construction related items, concrete applications are their special market niche. If a contractor has anything to do with concrete, from placing it to restoring it and every stage in between, Gamka can help. We have the equipment to vibrate it, screed it, finish it, heat it, grind it, drill it, and cut it. We have the ties, the chairs, the expansion joint, the fillers, the anchors, the keyway, the stakes, the insulation. We have the chemicals to seal it, cure it, damp proof it, stain it, clean it, release it, bond it, grout it, level it, accelerate it, retard it and protect it. If you don’t want leaks Gamka has the water stop, if you have leaks we have the plugs. Got cracks? We have the caulk and patches. Concrete contractors come to Gamka for construction chemicals and solutions to problems and with a staff sharing 150 years of expertise, contractors leave with answers. That level of construction knowledge contributed heavily to the variety and level of the 46,000 stocked line items. Gamka feels secure in saying, “If we have it, you need it!”.