Wacker-Neuson SM100 Utility Track Loader

The SM100 is a utility track loader that can help you do more with less. Its compact width of 35.5 inches means it can fit through doorways, gates, and other tight spaces. This tight design means it can access urban areas and smaller yards. At 3,300 lbs, it is also light-weight and easy to transport.

Versatility is the driver.

You can be comfortable all day while operating the SM100. The fine tuned, forward angled joysticks are an ergonomic design that positions the operator’s hands in a neutral position to reduce fatigue. The spring-suspended platform also reduces shaking and provides a stable base for the operator. Plush padding is built in to provide even more comfort and stability for a day’s work. Additional comfort features include a cup holder, 12v charging port and storage compartment.

This product was designed with safety in mind. Industry leading safety features include an operator presence pedal and hydraulic function lockouts to prevent accidental movement of lift arm and drive functions. The strong lift capacity and high hinge pin of the SM100 height allows for easy and safe loading into high walled trucks and dumpsters.

The SM100 also was built to last. The professional grade undercarriage’s innovative design is durable, accessible, and reduces your maintenance costs over the life of the machine. Sealed idlers and triple flanged rollers provide added surface area and engagement to reduce wear and de-tracking. You will also find that you can achieve optimal track tension quickly with its integrated grease cylinder track tensioner.

Wacker-Neuson is a nearly two-centuries-old global construction company that has revolutionized the industry with their over 200 patents and utility models.

Madewell Concrete Frames

Madewell concrete frames are a formwork solution for the concrete construction industry. Replace traditional timber pegs, walers, and nails with a solid steel form. Each frame is adjustable and designed to be compact, lightweight, and strong enough for all conditions and applications including: commercial, industrial, residential and civil construction projects. Through the use of this product you can improve worksite efficiency and safety, reduce labor and consumables, and ensure a cost-effective business model.

The Future of Formwork.

These zinc-plated and powder coated frames are forged from the highest quality steel, which means they won’t need to be replaced for a long time. Additionally, all consumables are eliminated through the use of these frames, which minimizes waste and helps to get the job done quicker and safer.

  • A, B, C Frames are ideal for conventional slabs, monolithic slabs, slab on grade, brick ledge/rebate, curbs, paving and much more.
  • The D Frame model is ideal for tilt panel construction, elevated slabs, podium decks, high rises, internal flat floors, external paving and more.
  • The High Rise Frame is ideal for elevated slabs, bridge decks, post-tension slabs, table forms and more.

With maximum results throughout the slab process on grade, concrete, or plywood, it’s no wonder why Madewell’s Multi Slab Brace (MSB) Form is known as the future of formwork.

Madewell Concrete Products Inc. is a socially responsible company committed to sustainability. They carry a range of leading brands, renowned for quality engineering, to help you deliver the highest quality projects possible.