Concrete Polishing Equipment for Rent! Gamka now sells, rents and repairs most popular polishing and grinding equipment. If your equipment is on the fritz, bring it to us and pick up a rental while yours is being repaired. 

Gamka rents
Gamka rents

Concrete Polishing Equipment for Rent:

Preparation Machines

  • Edco Scarifiers Gasoline and 240v electric
  • Edco Single 10″ disc machines Gasoline, 120v and 240v electric
  • Edco Dual 10″ disc machines 120v and 240v

Dust Control Equipment

  • Husqvarna (Ermator) S13 120v
  • Husqvarna (Ermator) S26 120v
  • Husqvarna (Ermator) S36 240v
  • Husqvarna (Ermator) S36 Propane
  • Husqvarna (Ermator) T10000 480v 3 phase

Wet or Dry Grinding and Polishing

  • Husqvarna PG680RC – 27″ grinder polisher 480v 3 phase

Wet Polishing

  • Whiteman HTX 8′ Trowel equipped with Polishing Arms
  • Tennant 48″ ride on scrubbers


  • Propane Burnishers – 27″

Gamka Sales now rents, sells and repairs concrete polishing and grinding equipment. Polishing grinders, vacuums, trowel polishing machines, burnishers and scrubbers. We stock Husqvarna Polishing equipment and vacuums, as well as MQ and Husqvarna Trowels for wet polishing. We offer both walk behind and ride on scrubbers for cleanup as well. If your units need service or repair, bring them here! You can rent a unit while yours is being repaired. We also carry Genuine Husqvarna diamond tooling, densifiers by Vexcon and Euclid and joint repair products by Sika. See Gamka for all of your concrete polishing equipment needs. Concrete Polishing can make your bland floor look new. Choose from Commercial, Industrial or showroom finishes. Gamka doesn’t just have the machines, they have the know how as well. Talk to one of our polishing experts today at 732-248-1400.