Wacker Neuson Compact Wheel Loaders

Wacker Neuson line of Compact Wheel Loaders. We urge you to compare them against the competition, including other wheel loaders and skid steer loaders. We think you will be very impressed. Greater Efficiency. Greater Performance. Less damaging to the grass. Ease of use. Greater visibility. More comfort. Plus a whole lot more.

Wacker neuson 550 AWS Wheel Loaders

Wacker Neuson 550 AWS Wheel Loaders





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Wacker Neuson 750T All Wheel Steer Telescopic Wheel Loaders
Wacker Neuson 750T All Wheel Steer Telescopic Wheel Loaders

750T All Wheel Steer Teleloader
The 750T wheel loaders feature a telescopic boom for additional height, added versatility and greater production. This all wheel steer model offers excellent maneuverability, overall machine stability and the telescopic boom provides extra reach for stacking and dumping. This all-purpose wheel loader features a long wheelbase for smooth driving and easy handling even across rough terrain.
What is the difference between an articulated front end wheel loaders and a skid steer loaders?

An articulated wheel loader has an articulation joint in the middle. The wheel loader is made from two chassis joined together, as opposed to a rigid bodied machine, like a car or skid steer.
Articulated loaders have a lot of benefits compared to rigid bodied machines and any operator will quickly tell you this.

A skid steer is a rigid bodied (single chassis) loader, designed to skid on their wheels or tracks to turn sharply, and can even turn on the spot if necessary. Articulated front end loaders on the other hand use the articulation joint between the front and rear chassis to steer the loader in the required direction, so they cannot turn on the spot. Modern articulated loader manufacturers now make articulated loaders highly manoeverable and give numerous benefits over skid steers so give the extra benefit of low tire wear in comparison to a skid steer. For a skid steer to turn so sharply, one side of wheels/tracks locks up allowing the wheels on the other side to skid on themselves, allowing a very sharp turn. The downside here is that the tires may be worn out very quickly as a result. The ground also gets ripped apart, often doing a lot of damage to the surface, even on asphalt. Visibility is also quite bad, as the driver is confined in a small metal cabin with the mast attached either side of the cabin, further restricting visibility. The driver sits very low to the ground with the engine behind the operator.

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