Wacker Neuson Construction Equipment

Wacker Neuson Construction Equipment

Wacker Neuson Construction Equipment

Wacker Neuson Construction Equipment

The Wacker Neuson Group is a leading manufacturer of light and compact construction equipment with over 40 affiliates and more than 140 sales and service stations across the globe. Products manufactured by the company are branded Wacker Neuson. In Europe, the Group also distributes compact equipment under the brand names Kramer Allrad and Weidemann (agricultural machinery). With over 300 product categories and a global spare parts service, Wacker Neuson is the partner of choice among professional users in a wide range of industries including the construction, gardening, landscaping and agriculture sectors, as well as among municipal bodies and companies in the industrial, recycling and energy sectors.

The Wacker Neuson Brand

is built on an unparalleled range of dedicated products spanning over 300 different groups, all featuring leading-edge technology and best-in-class design. The company specializes in concrete technology, soil and asphalt compaction, demolition and utility. Renowned in particular for its walk-behind/hand-held equipment weighing up to three tons and compact machines up 14 tons, Wacker Neuson is the ideal one-stop provider of light and compact equipment guaranteed to optimize its customers’ construction processes. The company is positioned as world leader in many product groups, particularly in European and US markets. The Wacker Neuson brand is synonymous with quality, reliability, durability and service excellence.


New Product Announcement – Wacker Neuson TH522 Telehandler – Coming soon!

TH522 Side Profile

Wacker Neuson TH522

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We are pleased to announce the availability to order the new TH522 Ground-Engaging Telehandler. Where most Telehandlers are designed solely to lift and place materials with forks, the Wacker Neuson TH522 is much more. Designed first and foremost to be used with ground engaging attachments, the TH522 is three machines in one; 1) a wheel loader that digs and carries 2) a skid steer with a compact footprint and capable of using a multitude of attachments, and 3) a telehandler with a lift height of 16’ 7” and operating capacity of 4,850 lbs.
The TH522 is built with a T4F Turbo-charged Perkins 60HP engine. It features a spacious cab system that maximizes operator comfort by increasing overall volume and visibility and includes an automotive style HVAC system. An ergonomically designed joystick allows the operator to control all boom lift/lower, boom telescope/retract, roll/tilt functions, differential lock, and 3rd circuit auxiliary hydraulic controls. The machine comes standard with a top travel speed of 19 mph (30 kph) and auxiliary hydraulic flow of 18 gpm. The machine also comes standard with a universal attachment plate and Faster quick-connect hydraulic connection block making it compatible with nearly all Wacker Neuson skid steer and wheel loader attachments.
In addition to other class leading features, the TH522 contains the Vertical Loading System (VLS). The VLS allows the operator to choose between two loading functions, Bucket Mode and Fork Mode. In Bucket Mode, the boom automatically retracts when the operator lowers in order to keep the load as close to the front axle as possible to minimize tipping situations. In Fork Mode, the boom extents and retracts automatically when the operator raises the arm in order to keep the load in a vertical plane. This is ideal for areas where loading shelfs and others are required. By operating similar to a forklift, the operator does not have to adjust (extend/retract) the boom while loading. In addition, a digital display monitors the load on the machine and both visually and audibly alerts the operator that the machine is at-risk of tipping.

Business Segment Light Equipment

Within our light equipment business segment, we offer our customers equipment and machinery weighing up to around three tons. This mainly comprises walk behind devices, although we also produce various remote-controlled and ride-on versions. The portfolio here extends to over 250 product groups, all characterized by their high quality and innovative design. The business segment is divided into the business fields Concrete technology, Soil and Asphalt Compaction, Demolition, and Utility.

Wacker Neuson Compact Equipment

Our compact equipment business segment covers mini-excavators, wheeled excavators, wheel loaders, telescopic handlers, skid-steer loaders and all-terrain dumpers. All our products here are self-propelled machines, ideally suited to the various different processes in building, underground and highway construction, municipal, industrial and recycling projects, and the gardening, landscaping and agricultural sectors. All of our compact equipment is already well established on the European market.

 Concrete Technology

Customers mainly use our equipment in this business field for concrete-curing walls, ceilings and floors in building construction, but it also comes into its own in infrastructure projects for concrete work on bridges, highways or tunnels. Our main product groups here are internal vibrators, external vibrators, frequency converters, low-noise vibratory tables, trowels and screeds.

 Soil and Asphalt Compaction

Wacker Neuson revolutionized soil compaction with the invention of the electric rammer in 1930 and gasoline rammer in 1952. Alongside later generations of the rammer family, our equipment in this field includes vibratory plates, rollers and attached compactors.


This field covers breakers, cut-off saws and floor saws, all of which make demolition work significantly easier thanks to their power and user-friendly design. They allow our customers to tackle concrete, natural stone, brickwork and asphalt with equal success.


Our products in this business field support or simplify construction site activities. If a customer site lacks light or power, or conditions are wet or cold, these pumps, generators, heaters and lighting equipment are efficient ways to resolve these problems.
In view of the broad product offering, global presence and high sales volume particularly in the soil and asphalt compaction and concrete technology business fields, Wacker Neuson holds a leading global position.

Business Segment Compact Equipment

Check out this video on Wacker Neuson Compact Class of equipment. Wacker Neuson Compact Equipment Offering

Our compact equipment business segment covers excavators, wheel loaders, telescopic handlers, skid-steer loaders and dumpers. All our products here are self-propelled machines, ideally suited to the various different processes in building, underground and highway construction, municipal, industrial and recycling projects, and the gardening, landscaping and agricultural sectors. All of our compact equipment is already well established on the European market.

 Track Mini-Excavators and Wheeled Excavators

Our compact track and wheel excavators are renowned for their pioneering technology. Smooth, high-performance hydraulics, powerful engines, perfect service access, particularly roomy cabins and cutting-edge design are just some of the reasons customers choose these sophisticated machines. They also feature innovative VDS technology (Vertical Digging System), with continuous tilting of the superstructure to compensate for uneven terrain (up to 15°). Our full product line offers numerous models from 0.8 to 14 tons operating weight. These include four zero-tail models, where the tail does not project beyond the rubber tracks when pivoting.

 Wheel Loaders

Our wheel loader portfolio offers numerous different versions and variants. We provide both all-wheel and articulated model series, with bucket capacity from 0.2 to 2.5 m³. These products are designed for operations in the most diverse settings, from traditional construction through gardening, landscaping and agriculture to municipal services and recycling activities. We have the perfect machine for every user, application and decision-maker – all united by the high quality, robustness and ease of maintenance that we view as top priorities in equipment design.

 Telescopic Handlers

Our range of telescopic handlers resonates strongly among experts thanks to its hydrostatic drive concept, outstanding all-round visibility and impressive performance ratings. Thus far, this range includes four models with lifting heights between 5 and 9 meters.

 Skid-Steer Loaders

Compact dimensions, powerful engine output, hydraulic pilot controls with load limit sensing control and comprehensive standard features place our skid-steer loaders miles ahead of the competition. Our range comprises four models fitted with two different drive systems.

 All Terrain Dumper

Our offering here consists of a range of wheel and track dumpers, all boasting optimum robustness, top quality and functionality, simple operation and cutting-edge design. We also provide models featuring glazed and heatable cabins, should conditions require them.

We rent, sell and service all Wacker Neuson equipment. Gamka Sales Co. Inc. is an Authorized Wacker Neuson Dealer – Please call 732-248-1400

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